Acting Programs

Our 48 week program offers a well-rounded array of acting classes Los Angeles. You will get the foundation needed to achieve a certain standard of acting.

Our two year acting program offers more advanced acting classes la, having students implement all the skills they have learned in Acting Program I. Acting II offers actors a playground to take their work to a higher level in our theaters by working on challenging material.


Students will learn the basic tools that will give them a foundation as actors. In this acting program students will exercise their instruments in-depth.

Film Programs

Students will acquire in this filmmaking program the knowledge and the skills through this fundamental training on how to become a movie director.

Our 12 Week Filmmaking Classes Intensive will give aspiring directors a foundation on how to work on a shooting script, shot list and inspire their actors to give their compelling performances. If its not on the page it’s not on the screen!

ESL Programs

The Level 1 English as a second language 12-week intensive is designed to help students achieve natural conversation and improve writing and reading competency.

The English as a second language classes Level 2 12-week intensive is designed to help students continue to achieve competence in the spoken and written English language by focusing on understanding various American accents (Standard, Texan, Louisiana, Southern, Boston and New York, becoming familiar with popular idioms, phrases and expressions and studying industry specific writing, vocabulary and communications.

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