Acting Workshops Los Angeles


The Golden Box class provides the foundation of the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory´s theory and approach to acting and directing. It explores a technical map of tools that the actor and director can use to break-down a script and create character. The class explores all the different techniques from Stella Adler, Stanislavski Uta Hagen, Bobby Lewis, Michael Chekhov, to Grotowski, Meisner, Mike Leigh and Ann Bogart. In understanding the concepts behind the Golden Box, students learn to create powerful and riveting characters, and also understand why certain choices are raw and unique. This class will help directors understand an actor´s process and how to collaborate with them on compelling choices.

  • Acting Workshops Los Angeles
  • Acting workshops Los Angeles
  • acting workshops Los Angeles


The Golden Box will teach you how to get out of your head, follow your impulses, and begin to live completely in the moment. By finding your own unique emotional triggers, you will learn to access your full range of feelings and emotions at a moment’s notice. Learn how to create vivid, fleshed out, and interesting characters through an intense and emotional workshop. Supported with lectures and technique exercises. Michelle teaches a technique that is effective for actors of various skill levels. Actors around the world have found success studying with Michelle, because she takes the emphasis off the dogmatic method and helps actors discover their own creativity.

  • Why are some choices more powerful than others?
  • How does one deliver a raw unforgettable performance?
  • What specific tools can be applied to film, television, and stage work?
  • How does one develop a personal story from scratch and discover material for a one woman/man show, screenplay, short or novel?



This Acting Workshops Los Angeles will be supported by film clips. There are discussions and analyses of performances by Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Marlon Brando, James Dean and many others.

Exercises include learning how to build provocative and complex backstories. You will learn that by opening up your instrument emotionally and finding triggers and psychological gestures in your work. This class has served as more than an acting seminar as past participants have discovered profound truths about themselves as artists.