English as a second language


Esl School in Los Angeles, CA – the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory!

The Level 1 English as a second language 12- week intensive is designed to help students achieve competence in natural conversation and improve writing and reading competency. The curriculum teaches conversation skills, writing, grammar, voice and speech, reading comprehension and vocabulary enhancement. Our English as a second language program is designed for any individual with foundational knowledge of the English language that are seeking to improve their skills in a professional capacity and setting by utilizing methods that will help them in their day to day living.

In our English as a second language classes students will be prepared to perform fluently in English, including speaking, conversing, reading, and writing. The desired result is for all students in this program to feel confident in the English language and to comfortably interact in day to day American culture by being introduced to a wide array of techniques and tools. They will be taught by a Faculty proficient in English with appropriate degree and/or commensurate professional experience and/or qualifications in TOEFL.

NOTE: Students subject to SEVP regulations may take ESL Level 1 and ESL Level 2 only if they are enrolled in a full course of study at an SEVP-certified program.


The Conservatory’s English thru Performing Arts program is designed for any individual seeking to learn English, but with the unique twist of applying methods from film, television and stage acting to better aid the individual in delivery, tone, style, physical appearance, gestures, body language and confidence; regardless of their field of interest. In addition our program is tailored to suit the specific needs of future actors, screenwriters, and directors and will uniquely fill the language development needs of International students who wish to pursue performing arts careers in the United States. The Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory has crafted an English thru Performing Arts Program that not only teaches English language skills, but does so in an environment and setting reflecting the performing arts culture and prepares students for the unique world of the performing arts.

Are international students required to speak English fluently to attend Los Angeles Acting Conservatory? No. While some proficiency in English is required, The Los Angeles Acting conservatory welcomes students that are seeking to enhance their skills as English speakers. For those international students that wish to become more proficient in English, we offer the acting class English thru performing art.

Please CONTACT the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory, in order to receive some more information about our English as a second language program, or if you would like to sign up for English as a second language classes. Our classes fill up very quickly so make sure to reserve your spot.


English as a second language

English as a second language schedule

Conversation 5h Monday 12PM – 5PM Everett Aponte
Writing 5h Tuesday 12PM – 5PM Brian Legaspi
Grammar 4h Wednesday 12PM – 4PM Everett Aponte
Voice and Speech 4h Thursday 12PM – 4PM Everett Aponte
Reading and Vocabulary 4h Friday 12PM – 4PM Brian Legaspi