The purpose of the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory is to further the appreciation and understanding of craft of stage, film, and television acting. The school seeks to exist as an international nexus for global actors. Through cultural exchange and exposure, done in the heart of American entertainment industry, the School hopes to prepare the next generation of industry leaders, and ready them to excel in a world of globalized entertainment.   Our school’s teaching encompasses the following acting techniques: Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov, & the Stanislavsky Technique.
The Los Angeles Acting Conservatory provides an educational enclave for a community of student-actors who can explore their instruments and take risks in a nurturing environment. We believe in nurturing high-level, independent, experimental student works at all stages of development. We take pride in providing a collaborative workspace for artists of all kinds.
The entire faculty of the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory believes that every Artist is unique. There is no cookie-cutter technique that fits all actors. To be a professional actor is to keep firing up one’s voice, Imagination, Passion and Humanity. To nurture one’s acting instrument is to raise the bar with great literature.
Our mission is to empower our students with these skills.
The Los Angeles Acting Conservatory has set the following objectives to fulfill its mission statement:
    1. To create a learning environment which engenders creative passion, artistic expression, and positive work-ethic
    2. To prepare students with the tools to more fully appreciate the art of acting, visual storytelling, and to express their own individual artistic visions
    3. To foster working relationships between students and established industry professionals
    4. To establish a curriculum which provides a common education and vocabulary for a diverse body of students coming from all corners of the world
Our 48 week program offers a well-rounded array of classes that will provide the foundation needed to achieve a certain standard of acting. The acting philosophy of the Los Angeles Acting Conservatory is that artists can draw on all different acting techniques and form their very own tool box. The Golden Box class covers a summary of the different techniques in acting known as the Method, taught by Stanislavski and then Lee Strasberg in the United States, the Meisner Technique, the Stella Adler Technique, and the Highlights of such teachers as Michael Chekhov and Bobby Lewis and Jerzy Grotowski. All of these techniques will have those methodologies taught in in-depth through classical and contemporary Scene Study, On-Camera work, Improvisation, Voice and Speech, Musical Theatre and the Business of Acting. The result is that students will acquire the knowledge and practice in those different areas that will in turn give them the confidence and skill to pursue careers as actors.
Our two year acting program offers more advanced classes, having students implement all the skills they have learned in Acting Program I. Acting II offers actors a playground to take their work to a higher level in our theaters by working on classical material such as Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Moliere, and contemporary playwrights such as Edward Albee, Arthur Miller Eugene O’Neil, Pinter, and Tom Stoppard. The Film Classes will have a focus on preparing the students to do screen tests and being on a Sound Stage or on location. Voice and Speech will offer a continued work on how to have a practical use of drills to be used in the professional field and finally in our fourth quarter through being in an Production on stage or getting hands on experience of being on film. The students will get to work professionally and practically incorporate the Tool Box they have been taught and go from being a student of Acting to an artist. Our students will acquire the knowledge of doing versus intellectualizing the concepts learned. The results is that our programs will prepare the future generation of actors to feel with their imagination and passion the clarity, the confidence of being the storytellers of tomorrow.
12 Week Acting Intensive will give students an intense program where they will learn the basic tools that will give them a foundation as actors.
They will work the muscles of an actor, understand technical tools, how to break down a script and create a character and apply those techniques to contemporary and classical work in Scene Study class and in Front of the Camera. This Intensive also prepares you for strategy as the students understand the steps that need to be taken to get auditions and do well in them.
The result the program will achieve is that an actor will get the beginning on how to do the work and apply the craft of acting to Stage, TV and Film work.